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A podcast featuring conversations with artists and designers about the journey from bright eyed-newbie to fame monster.

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18 Jun 2014

Ep.5 – “Nobody would ever sleep with the 2 in Univers” with Peter Cocking of PeterCo Design

We sat down with Peter Cocking in the beautiful studio of Greystone Books. We talked about Peter’s childhood passion for drawing comics and making mistakes as a junior designer. He told us tales of designing on the 1st generation Mac and being one of the first registered users of PageMaker. He revealed his inspiration for teaching, the experience teaching his first class, and how he classifies a good student. He let us know what it felt like to receive the Ian Wallace Award for Teaching Excellence. After he educated us on education, we talked shop and found out where exactly Peter is working, how he deals with clients, the pleasures and pains of design process, sexless typography, whether or not ebooks are capable of magic, his favourite screen fonts, discontent, and how he would like to be remembered.

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