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A podcast featuring conversations with artists and designers about the journey from bright eyed-newbie to fame monster.

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27 Jun 2014

Ep.6 – “I had to kill my salami!” with Jane Koo

We sat down with Jane Koo at the Making Conversation Studio. We talked about Jane’s childhood growing up in Seoul – surrounded by barf and protests. We talked about her first memories of design, how she submitted her portfolio to get into design school, and how she set out for a career. She told us how she worked as an in-house designer at Lush Cosmetics and came to the conclusion that she needed to move on. We talked about travelling back-and-forth between Vancouver and South Korea and solutions for dealing with jet-lag. Jane shared about her new found freedom in freelance, the joy of working on the road, the importance of style, her passion for food, and the one project she feels most proud of in her portfolio. Jane designs for some of Vancouver’s most iconic publications and community events.

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